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6th FPMPAM Annual Scientific Convention
30th Aug - 1st Sept 2024


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Signing of MOU between FPMPAM and Miya Care

PMPASKL donated RM10,000 to the FPMPAM DRS4ALL Programme

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Our recent survey showed that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, over 50 percent of people wash their hands more often. But are you doing it right?


FPMPAM Council Meeting

FPMPAM Council Meeting and Visit to Dignity Foundation for Children on 3rd March 2019 - looking at 'lending a helping hand'

DrsforAll the first step forward

The FPMPAM Journey, 1989 to 2018

Watch the FPMPAM on their latest medical camp!


Federation Year Book Video 2015 / 2016

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Formed in 2006 as an outreach programme by the FPMPAM and St John’s Ambulance, Malaysia, the Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE) runs education programs to teach...

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DrsWhoCare was formed in 2002 by Dr Steven Chow to provide a second chance in life to recovering addicts. To achieve his goal, Dr Chow engaged with family doctors to treat drug addiction..

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Jiwa Baru

To spread awareness and to change the prevailing negative stigma associated with drug addiction, the FPMPAM along with its sister society, the Addiction Medicine Association of Malaysia launched Jiwa Baru ..

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EDITORIAL: Harnessing the Power of Red Palm Oil

17.5.2024, Kuala Lumpur – For decades, cooking oils have been struggling for our attention, each boasting unique benefits. But Red Palm Oil (RPO) deserves a special spotlight. Packed with vibrant colour, RPO offers an abundance of health advantages thanks to its abundance of provitamin A carotenoids and Vitamin E tocotrienols. .--> read


Do Not Kill Off Our GPs — Dr Steven Chow

13 Dec 2023 – Past FPMPAM president Dr Steven Chow urges new Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad to protect Malaysia’s solo practitioner GP system that is “in danger of being strangled”, warning that foreign-owned entities are buying into primary care clinics.. .--> read


Doctors Seek Government Action to Protect Patients’ Rights and Safety

10 Oct 2023 – The “Regulate MCO” Task Force of the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations, Malaysia (FPMPAM) wants the Ministry of Health (MoH) together with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (MDT) to take action to protect patients’ and workers’ rights of appropriate and safe medical care. .--> read


Trials And Tribulations Of The GP – Dr Pearl Leong

28 Sep 2023 – Nowadays, most patients are under managed care organisations (MCOs), where there are no more personal relationships between the patient and doctor. The doctor spends more time doing reports for the MCO, rather than with the patient...--> read


Managed Care Organisations And Third-Party Administrators: The Final Frontier In Primary Care — Dr John Teo

26 Sep 2023 – There seems to be no plausible reason why MCOs or TPAs, which can have such far-reaching effects on health care services and delivery are left unchecked and unregulated, but clinics and doctors are micromanaged and strangulated with unending requirements....--> read


Set up body to regulate health insurance payouts

25 Sep 2023 – Private health insurance may not be the best option. Private health premiums are often risk-rated; thus, people with pre-existing conditions and higher risks, like the elderly, face higher, often unaffordable premiums or are denied coverage. ..--> read


Having middlemen in private medical care a bad idea

25 Sep 2023 – In keeping with the objective of enhancing private-public partnerships in healthcare, the government should treasure and nurture the existing primary healthcare system through private general practitioners (GPs) nationwide..--> malaysiakini - codeblue


Open Letter (YAB PM): Government must regulate the Managed Care Organisations to safeguard patient safety and ensure quality of care

18 Sep 2023 – THIRD-PARTY administrators (TPAs) and insurance-owned employees’ benefits companies are middlemen in the business of healthcare for employees in the private sector through administering the procurement of medical care and employing cost-containment measures..--> read


Surat Terbuka (YAB PM): Kerajaan harus mengawal selia MCOs untuk menjaga keselamatan dan memastikan Kualiti Penjagaan Pesakit

Pentadbir Pihak Ketiga (TPA), Syarikat Faedah Pekerja Milik Insurans adalah orang tengah dalam perniagaan penjagaan kesihatan untuk pekerja-pekerja di sektor swasta melalui pentadbiran perolehan rawatan perubatan menggunakan langkah-langkah pengekalan kos...--> read


Government must regulate MCOs to safeguard patient safety and ensure quality of care

18 Sep 2023 – THIRD-PARTY administrators (TPAs) and insurance-owned employees’ benefits companies are middlemen in the business of healthcare for employees in the private sector through administering the procurement of medical care and employing cost-containment measures..--> read


Life And Death In Kampung Cerewes, An Orang Asli Village In Pahang

2 May 2023 – Orang Asli in Kampung Cerewes, located in the deep mountain forests of Pahang, are dying from treatable illnesses like fever. Yet, doctors at the nearest hospital in Gombak only visit the village every 4 to 5 months.--> read


Generation Endgame, Caution is Needed

1 August 2022 (Kuala Lumpur) – The Control of Tobacco Product and Smoking Bill 2022, presently being tabled in Parliament calls for the prohibition of smoking of tobacco product or substitute tobacco product and the prohibition of the use of smoking device, by any person that was born in 2007 and after.--> read


Paramedic career beckons for Semai youths

MEDICAL care is often inaccessible in remote areas. To receive treatment, villagers have to travel for hours and experience discomfort as their vehicles traverse over rough terrain. --> read


Don’t lump bona fide use of medicines with criminal trafficking of drugs

Statement of the FPMPAM on Poisons Act 1952 (Amendment) Bill 2022 --> read


FPMPAM Position Statement on Tobacco Harm Reduction

Based on statistics from the Malaysian Ministry of Health, there are approximately 5 million smokers in Malaysia. The question today is, “Can Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) approach really help reduce number of smokers to help achieve the target of Malaysia Smoke-free 2045” --> read


Malaysian Health Care – A Finger On The Pulse

Our Malaysian health care system is a like sick man, really sick lying in bed.just out of ICU and with every possibility of going in again in the near future. Sadly, this patient has been ill not just today but have been for a very long time. The doctors at his side with their fingers on his pulse have been there for decades advising, counseling and hoping to mantain him in good health but alas it does look all good advice have fallen on deaf ears. --> read


Support call for Royal Commission on Healthcare

MORE than a year and a half after the first case of Covid-19 in Malaysia and with endless rounds of movement control orders of various forms plus multiple knee-jerk fire-fighting measures, it is clear that the Health Ministry is still struggling for a comprehensive solution. --> read


The rakyat are dying like flies – Where is my vaccine?

Press Release from The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Association (FPMPAM) --> read


Private practitioners welcome govt roping in GPs to monitor Covid-19

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Association (FPMPAM) has welcomed the government’s upcoming move to task private general practitioners (GPs) with monitoring some Covid-19 patients. However, it called for more guidance for the GPs. --> read


How to lose the war on COVID 

Press Statement from the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) 25.1.2021, Kuala Lumpur --> read


Vaccinating the UK against covid-19

The global covid-19 pandemic has led to over 50 000 deaths in the UK, disrupted health services, and led to massive increases in unemployment and government debt. --> read


Drug Price Controls Won’t Make Health Care Cheaper, US Pharma Tell Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 March 2020 — Malaysia’s proposed medicine price controls will not address long-term health care cost challenges, a powerful American pharmaceutical lobbyist group claimed. --> read


From the Press: From a patient’s perspective

24 Dec 2019 — THIS issue of whether we should separate the prescription and dispensing of medicine between doctors and pharmacists cropped up after the number of pharmacists in the country started to increase some 10 to 20 years ago. --> read


Press Release: For better patient care, cut out the middle-men

10 Dec 2019 — FPMPAM Statement on the Proposed Deregulation of Doctors’ Professional Fees --> read


Press Release: Stop Criminalising The Practice Of Medicine

29 Nov 2019 — The FPMPAM calls on the Minister of Health to withdraw the controversial Bill for the amendment to the Poisons Act 1952 which was tabled for first reading in Parliament as reported in CodeBlue on 28.11.2019 --> read


FPMPAM Medical Camp In Kota Belud Treats Over 250 Patients

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 14 — The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) conducted a massive medical outreach camp last Saturday at the tourism village of Kampung Terudon in Kota Belud, Sabah. --> read


Orang Asli Open Own Medical Post As Public Clinic Inaccessible

KUALA LIPIS, Oct 1 - The Pos Lenjang government clinic lacks medicines and the doctor isn’t always there, Orang Asli complain.. --> read


Children food programme to address malnutrition among Orang Asli children

LIPIS, Sept 29 -- The Programme for the Rehabilitation of Malnourished Children (PPKZM) will be enhanced to address the problem of malnutrition among Orang Asli children, said Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye. --> read


Government praised over move to decriminalise drug addicts

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- The Federation of Private Medical Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) and the Addiction Medicine Associations of Malaysia (AMAM) have applauded the government for its decision over the decriminalisation of drug addicts. --> read


Penagih dadah kini dilihat sebagai pesakit yang perlu dirawat bukan dihukum

News article published on Bernama Health website --> read


Breast cancer reality check: We're dying more than we should

Article by Dr Milton Lum published on --> read


Notes of Meeting with Acting CEO of MMC with FPMPAM

Meeting held on 7 May 2018 at Bilik Mesyuarat 2, Block B MMC, Jalan Cenderasari Kuala Lumpur --> read


Reaksi Newsletter 06/2017

In this issue of Reaksi Drug Safety News: Ketamine: Risk of Severe Liver Damage with Repeated and/or Prolonged Use at High Doses; Recombinant Human Erythropoietins: Risk of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions (SCARs) --> read


No one cares about the doctors

I love my doctors. I have an undiagnosable autoimmune disease. It's mostly manageable, my lab work is perfect, and I rarely get sick. I get allergy shots and take blood pressure medication. I always have at least low level, mostly familiar, physical symptoms. Occasionally a new one appears. Sometimes it is scary. --> read


Who shall protect the whistle-blower in medicine????

NHS surgeon, 52, who earned £125,000 a year is sacked after blowing the whistle on shocking hospital malpractice - and now works as an Uber driver --> read


MMC Statement on Consent Form for Patient

There have been concerns on the issue of patient confidentiality, especially where there is involvement of Third Party Administrators as well as Direct Panels. Herewith is a reply from the Malaysian Medical Council on this issue. --> read


MMC Statement on Fee Splitting

Further to the earlier advisory on the issue of fee splitting, kindly be advised that the Malaysian Medical Council has made a statement on this matter. --> read


Update on Private Clinic Premise License / Shah Alam City Council

Communication from Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam.. --> read


Penguatkuasaan Akta Perubatan (Pindaan) 2012 Dan Peraturan-Peraturan Perubatan 2017

Important update from the Malaysian Medical Council... --> read


MADRAC 156: Traditional Medicines Found Adulterated

List of traditional medicines found adulterated... --> read


Minister of Health Letter to Minister of Federal Territory

Lesen Perniagaan oleh Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) ke atas Kemudahan Dan Perkhidmatan Jagaan Kesihatan Swasta (KPJKS) termasuk klinik swasta... --> read




30 Aug--1 Sept 2024
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16-17 Sept 2023
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30 Apr & 1 May 2023
FPMPAM / AMAM Joint ASM 2023
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27 Oct 2022
JA Assure Partners FPMPAM To Offer Professional Indemnity Insurance Platform To All Medical Professionals Of FPMPAM
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12 Oct 2022
Covid Fight: Private docs played key role
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13 June 2021
FPMPAM/IPH Gastroenterology & Hepatology Masterclass Series for GPs
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17 Nov 2020
BIOLOGIC ADVISORY GROUP MY: Consensus Guidelines in Usage of Biologics in Dermatology during Covid-19 Pandemic
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30 Jun 2020
MOH Circular - Quarantine Process for General Practitioners
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31 Jan 2020
Handbook of 2019-nCoV Pneumonia Control and Prevention
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31 Jan 2020
Edaran Kemaskini Guidelines on 2019 Novel Coronavirus Management in Malaysia
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12 Aug 2018
Implementation of Data Breach Notification
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25 Apr 2018
Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Medical Practitioners In Malaysia
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8 Mar 2018
Specialist Medical Practitioners Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policies and Guidelines
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NPRA: Reporting medicinal problems
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Makluman Kontraindikasi Penggunaan Ubat Yang Mengandungi Codeine Untuk Kanak-Kanak Beumur Bawah 12 Tahun Dan Ibu Yang Menyusu Susulan Risiko Respiratory Depression
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MADRAC Newsletter Vol 26 Issue 2 / 2018
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MADRAC KE 146 - Traditional Medicine found Adulterated
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