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Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE)

Formed in 2006 as an outreach programme by the FPMPAM and St John’s Ambulance, Malaysia, the Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE) runs education programs to teach young Malaysians the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) treatment. With programs planned throughout the year, more than 1000 healthcare professionals and the Malaysian public have been taught to be able to respond appropriately and assist others in times of crisis. Moving forward, CARE will extend its citizens’ education program on CPR to include training in Automated Electrical Defibrillator (AED) to provide Malaysian’s with a more comprehensive set of skills to save lives.

In the news:

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DrsWhoCare was formed in 2002 by Dr Steven Chow to provide a second chance in life to recovering addicts. To achieve his goal, Dr Chow engaged with family doctors to treat drug addiction and successfully rallied together a concerned group of doctors and addiction medicine experts to form 'DrsWhoCare'. Thus began Malaysia’s first community-based treatment program, closely monitored by an internet-based treatment registry to prevent abuse of treatment. Via the network of 'DrsWhoCare', Dr. Chow developed an additional option in addiction treatment namely, community-based medical assisted treatment (MAT).

Today, MAT has become one of the most successful treatment methods in the country. From a handful of doctors in 2002, DrsWhoCare today have more than 700 doctors under its fold nationwide; treating more than 24,000 drug addicts, who now have a second chance to reconnect back with their lives, family and become useful members of society. Correspondingly, there has been a sustained significant fall in HIV infection rates and drug-related arrests since 2004. These positive impacts have been noted and acknowledged by health and enforcement authorities locally and abroad.

DrsWhoCare led to the inauguration of the Addiction Medicine Association of Malaysia (AMAM) in 2005, tasked with training medical doctors to increase the capacity of the MAT community network. AMAM has since its formation, operated as a sister organization to the Federation.

Jiwa Baru

To spread awareness and to change the prevailing negative stigma associated with drug addiction, the FPMPAM along with its sister society, the Addiction Medicine Association of Malaysia launched Jiwa Baru, an outreach programme which has since 2008, conducted well-received yearly public educational campaigns. Jiwa Baru’s mission is to educate the public on drug dependence; to minimize stigma of the disease and to encourage the “hidden population” to step out for treatment.

In The News

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15 April 2018
Medico-Legal Forum on "Medical Manslaughter - Aftershocks from Bawa Garba 2018".
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8 Mar 2018
Specialist Medical Practitioners Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policies and Guidelines
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21 Sep 2015
3 Ways to Let Your Doctor Know, You Care
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8 Sep 2015
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20 Aug 2015
5 Things You Did Not Know About Doctors’ Day
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2 April 2015
List of zero-rated drugs under GST
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3 March 2015

Draft Letter for Pengecualian dari pendaftaran GST
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8 Nov 2015
Resolution In Medico-Legal Disputes
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10 Oct 2014
Doctor's Day
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8 May 2014
Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE) Interview with RTM
On 8 May, Dr Steven Chow and CARE trainers from our partner St John’s Ambulance, Malaysia (SJAM) presented to RTM on the importance of AEDs for saving lives in the event of a cardiac arrest. Continue >>


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