2nd FPMPAM / IPH Annual Convention incorporating 1st FPMPAM Malaysian Healthcare Conference

Date: 15-16 September 2018 || Venue: Kuala Lumpur
Flyer for 2nd FPMMPAM / IPH Annual Convention || Flyer for 1st FPMPAM Malaysian Healthcare Conference


Federation Year Book Video 2015 / 2016

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Formed in 2006 as an outreach programme by the FPMPAM and St John’s Ambulance, Malaysia, the Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE) runs education programs to teach...

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DrsWhoCare was formed in 2002 by Dr Steven Chow to provide a second chance in life to recovering addicts. To achieve his goal, Dr Chow engaged with family doctors to treat drug addiction..

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Jiwa Baru

To spread awareness and to change the prevailing negative stigma associated with drug addiction, the FPMPAM along with its sister society, the Addiction Medicine Association of Malaysia launched Jiwa Baru ..

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Notes of Meeting with Acting CEO of MMC with FPMPAM

Meeting held on 7 May 2018 at Bilik Mesyuarat 2, Block B MMC, Jalan Cenderasi Kuala Lumpur --> read


Reaksi Newsletter 06/2017

In this issue of Reaksi Drug Safety News: Ketamine: Risk of Severe Liver Damage with Repeated and/or Prolonged Use at High Doses; Recombinant Human Erythropoietins: Risk of Severe Cutaneous Adverse Reactions (SCARs) --> read


No one cares about the doctors

I love my doctors. I have an undiagnosable autoimmune disease. It's mostly manageable, my lab work is perfect, and I rarely get sick. I get allergy shots and take blood pressure medication. I always have at least low level, mostly familiar, physical symptoms. Occasionally a new one appears. Sometimes it is scary. --> read


Who shall protect the whistle-blower in medicine????

NHS surgeon, 52, who earned £125,000 a year is sacked after blowing the whistle on shocking hospital malpractice - and now works as an Uber driver --> read


MMC Statement on Consent Form for Patient

There have been concerns on the issue of patient confidentiality, especially where there is involvement of Third Party Administrators as well as Direct Panels. Herewith is a reply from the Malaysian Medical Council on this issue. --> read


MMC Statement on Fee Splitting

Further to the earlier advisory on the issue of fee splitting, kindly be advised that the Malaysian Medical Council has made a statement on this matter. --> read


Update on Private Clinic Premise License / Shah Alam City Council

Communication from Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam.. --> read


Penguatkuasaan Akta Perubatan (Pindaan) 2012 Dan Peraturan-Peraturan Perubatan 2017

Important update from the Malaysian Medical Council... --> read


MADRAC 156: Traditional Medicines Found Adulterated

List of traditional medicines found adulterated... --> read


Minister of Health Letter to Minister of Federal Territory

Lesen Perniagaan oleh Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) ke atas Kemudahan Dan Perkhidmatan Jagaan Kesihatan Swasta (KPJKS) termasuk klinik swasta... --> read


Hospital vicariously liable for acts of independent contractors - Court of Appeal

The appellants' claim of negligence against the 1st respondent who was the surgeon who attended to the late... --> read


FPMPAM Letter to Ministry of Health on FOMEMA Issue

The FPMPAM had earlier received complaints from our member representatives that FOMEMA had unilaterally nullified the previous agreement and had mandated a New Agreement together with new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and requirements for all currently registered FOMEMA GP providers. --> read


Buletin MADRAC August 2016

In This Issue: Annual Report for 2015, Regulatory Matters, What's New, etc --> read


From the Desk of the Director-General of Health Malaysia: UPDATED ZIKA ALERT

--> read


REAKSI - Drug Safety News

In This Issue: Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs): Potential Long - term Safety Issues; Paliperidone Palmitate (Invega Sustenna®): Alert on Potential Serious Adverse Events .--> read


Don't blame the oversupply of doctors solely on foreign medical students

We refer to the statement from the Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, that placed the blame of the oversupply of doctors on the foreign medical students.

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners' Associations, Malaysia (FPMPAM) is fully aware that there are some foreign medical schools admitting students whose academic qualifications would not have qualify them to enter a local university for courses with lesser entry requirements than medicine. Many such students gain entry through the agencies of these medical schools. --> read


Statement of the FPMPAM on the issue of Drs and Sdn Bhd

The Federation have issued this statement in response to the article in Malaysiakini 22.7.2016 where among other things it was stated that,

"The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) currently only contents that medical practitioners that provide medical consultancy in the private hospital are not allowed to carry on that business source using Sdn Bhd but instead should be reported using sole proprietorship."

"In short, only the income received from private hospital by the doctor is to be reported under the doctor sole proprietor name and not in the Sdn Bhd. The recent directive or guideline issued by the IRB to the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) would mean that despite there being a contract entered into between the private hospital and the Sdn Bhd owned by the doctors, they have to revert back to sole proprietorship now"

The Federation questions the validity of this statement. The stand of the Federation is as follows: --> read


REAKSI - Drug Safety News

In This Issue: Epoeitin-associated PRCA: Current Scenario in Malaysia --> read


Changing landscape for the private practitioner – requiem for a good doctor

An article published in The Star in April 2006.... --> read


Circular from MOH

Peringatan Kepada Ahli Profesional Kesihatan Swasta Untuk Tidak Mempreskripsi / Membekalkan Produk Persediaan Cecair Oral Untuk Rawatan Batuk Dan Selesema Kepada Kanak-Kanak Berumur di Bawah Dua Tahun. --> read


Deforestation Clears Way for Zoonotic Malaria in Malaysia

Intensive deforestation in Malaysia’s rainforestsisexposingmorehumanstoatypeofmalariapreviouslyfoundonlyinlong- tailandpigtailmacaques, reportaninternationalteamof investigator.... --> read


TPP: trade-off s for health behind closed doors

A dozen countries have signed the Trans-Pacifi c Partnership, a major trade agreement that has complex implications for global health. Ted Alcorn reports from New York. --> read


Buletin MADRAC Dec 2015

In This Issue: Succinylated Gelatin Intravenous Infusion Products - Summary of Safety Review in 2015, Amlodipine: Possible Risk of Blurred Vision, Cardiovascular Adverse Events Related to Diclofenac, etc --> read


Drugs Past Their Expiration Date

Healthcare providers are often asked if drugs can be used past their expiration date. Because of legal restrictions and liability concerns, manufacturers do not sanction such use and usually do not even comment on the safety or effectiveness of their products beyond the date on the label. --> read


To the Young Doctors of 1895

The schools have turned out this year an unusually large number of physicians. Where they will all go? what will they all do? and how many will succeed in reaching a high professional level? --> read


Buletin MADRAC August 2015

In This Issue: New Restrictions of Use for Metoclopramide and Domperidone; Rotavirus Vaccine: Risk of Intussusception, etc --> read


PHFSA 1998 and Regulations 2006: A Relook at the notes from the Dialogue with the Director General of Health,1st November 2011.

Originally posted 5 Jan 2012 --> read


Buletin MADRAC April 2015

In This Issue: Annual Report for 2014 --> read


REAKSI - Drug Safety News

In This Issue: Bromocriptine: Not to be Used Routinely for Lactation Suppression. Febuxostat: International Reports of Agranulocytosis and DRESS --> read


3 Ways to Let Your Doctor Know, You Care.

Doctors’ Day in Malaysia is on 10th October. This year’s theme is “Your Doctor Cares for You”. This should be a day that we celebrate and appreciate the doctors who have supported and cared for the current and future wellbeing of you and your family. These are some of the ways you can show your Doctor that appreciation this 10th October. --> read


Health Advisory from FPMPAM 11 Sep 2015

The worsening haze situation in Kuala Lumpur and certain regions of Malaysia does not show any signs of improvement. It seems to be worsening from day to day. Our doctors are increasing concerned. --> read


Merdeka Awards Roundtable: Health Matters: Challenges In Sustaining Quality & Affordable Healthcare for All Malaysians


Circular from National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

Makluman isu-isu keselamatan terkini bagi produk-produk yang mengandungi metoclopramide dan domperidone --> read


5 Things You Did Not Know About Doctors’ Day

A new trade agreement being negotiated between 12 countries has come under fire from health campaigners who say it will push up drug prices and weaken health services..--> read


Trans-Pacific trade pact triggers fears over drug prices

A new trade agreement being negotiated between 12 countries has come under fire from health campaigners who say it will push up drug prices and weaken health services..--> read


The Trans-Pacific Partnership — Is It Bad for Your Health?

International trade deals once focused primarily on tariffs. As a result, they had little direct effect on health, and health experts could reasonably leave their details to trade professionals. Not so today. .--> read


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) is a highly lethal respiratory disease caused by a novel single-stranded, positive-sense RNA betacoronavirus (MERS-CoV). Dromedary camels, hosts for MERS-CoV, are implicated in direct or indirect transmission to human beings, although the exact mode of transmission is unknown. .--> read


REAKSI - Drug Safety News

In This Issue: New Alerts on Serious Skin Reactions. Chlorhexidine Solutions: Risk of Chemical Burns to Skin in Premature Infants.--> read


Don’t mention the P word

If I ran the NHS I would begin by abandoning all “pathways.” Many of medicine’s woes are self inflicted. Technological advances have driven a degree of subspecialisation that is insupportable Patients often attest to the bewildering fragmentation of their care. The sticking plaster, often designed to remedy this after the event, is the care pathway..--> read


Doctor is now an outsourced contractor

THE Goods and Services Tax comes into effect today. Most people, including me, are prepared to comply with this new taxation system on our purchases of goods and services. But please allow me to share my musings from the viewpoint of a long-serving medical professional, who has believed over the years that he is a core provider of healthcare. --> read


Layanan CBP ke atas profesional jagaan kesihatan
(update 25 March 2015)

Official letter from Ibu Pejabat Kastam DiRaja Malaysia --> read


Dispensing separation

Everyone gets ill. Sometimes, the illness is self-limiting and does not require treatment. At other times, it requires diagnosis and treatment by a doctor. Diagnosis requires taking a history and a physical examination. Investigations to confirm the diagnosis are not uncommon.. .--> read


Layanan CBP ke atas profesional jagaan kesihatan

Official letter from Ibu Pejabat Kastam DiRaja Malaysia --> read


"Has the Law Forced Doctors to Practice Defensive Medicine?" - A dialogue with Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram

The Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia (MLSM) and the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) would like to invite you for a dialogue with Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram on the topic "Has the Law Forced Doctors to Practice Defensive Medicine?" --> more


Healthcare should be GST-exempt as promised in 2013

In response to the statement from the Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, that not all drugs will be zero rate, the Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) calls for the Government to assess the GST implications for healthcare and fullfill its pledge made in October 2013 on the Budget 2014 that both public and private healthcare services will be GST exempt. --> more


To fight misery of drugs, each must do his part

DRUG abuse is a major public health problem that impacts society on multiple levels. Despite the government spending millions a year on its drug eradication programme, the number of drug addicts detected each year has not abated, with many of them being recidivists. --> more


Cost of private healthcare will go up

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioner's Associations Malaysia strongly disagreed with the statement from Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan that private hospitals and clinics have no reason to raise prices after implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) next year. --> more


Profits Before Health: An Insurance Tell-All

Wendell Potter is a health insurance company executive turned whistleblower and regular guest on the cable channel MSNBC. He has written a very readable—and sometimes riveting—account of how the health insurance industry advanced its interests in the recent debate on health care reform, as well as how it operates on a day-to-day basis... --> more


Going for the Gold: The Redistributive Agenda behind
Market-Based Health Care Reform

Political conflict over the respective roles of the state and the market in health care has a long history. Current interest in market approaches represents the resurgence of ideas and arguments that have been promoted with varying intensity throughout this century.... --> more


BUDGET 2015 - Doctor’s Wish List For Healthcare

FPMPAM on Budget 2015.... --> more
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Doctors at the Crossroad - Commercialization of Medicine and the Practice of Medicine

Message to the Penang Medical Practitioners’ Society 2014... --> more


First Doctors' Day Celebration on Oct 10

MALAYSIA’s first-ever Doctors' Day will kick off on Oct 10 with a blood and organ donation drive at a community service project at Kinta City shopping centre in Ipoh.... --> more
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Message of congratulations from our colleagues in Taiwan >read


Inaugural Doctors’ Day 2014 Kicks Off With Blood And Organ
Donation Drive

Malaysia’s first ever Doctors’ Day in Malaysia will kick off on the 10th of October this year with a blood and organ donation drive at a Community Service Project to be held at AEON Ipoh Garden, Ipoh... --> more
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Hiding In Plain Sight: The Deterioration Of Medicine

It’s happening so gradually you hardly notice it at first. It’s a slow and deliberate erosion, targeting your family doctor, someone who will soon become a thing of the past. --> more


Goods And Services Tax: Guide On Healthcare Services

A guide from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department.. --> more


Hospital Relationships With Direct-to-Consumer Screening

The debate over direct-to-consumer (DTC) screening companies intensied recently as Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization, sent letters to 20 hospitals on June 19, 2014, urging their leadership to sever business relationships with HealthFair, a prominent DTC screening company. --> more


Reaksi July 2014

In this issue - Risperidone and Paliperidone: Risk of Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome; Temozolomide: Risk of Hepatotoxicity; Mencevax ACWY® Vaccine: New Data on Antibody Persistence--> more


Flowers of gold, a tribute to MH17

A tribute to MH17 published in Malay Mail on the 22nd of Aug 2014 --> more


Taking your medicine

A DOCTOR’S duty and responsibility to his patient is clearly defined in law: “... all matters dealing with the medical management of the patient shall rest in the hands of the registered medical practitioner.” --> more


Financing scheme proposal unacceptable

News article published in the Malay Mail 17th August 2014 --> more


FPMPAM Addresses Disconnection With Patients Arising From
Commercialisation Of Medical Care

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioner’s Associations Malaysia (FPMPAM) feels that there is now a noticeable disconnection between patients and their doctors resulting from the rapid commercialisation of medical care in Malaysia. The previous social contract of the doctor and the patient is clearly being threatened by the commercial contract of the business of medicine. --> more


Reaksi May 2014 : Sodium Phosphate Oral Solutions and Enemas:
Possible Harm Associated with Overdose

In January 2014, the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) issued a warning that using more than one dose of an over-the-counter (OTC) sodium phosphate product in 24 hours can cause rare but serious kidney injury, arrhythmias, or even death. --> more


EU Agency Endorses Suspension of Oral Methadone Products

The Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralised Procedures – Human (CMDh), a regulatory body representing the European Union (EU), has added its endorsement to recommendations calling for suspension of marketing authorization of methadone oral solutions --> more


Ebola virus disease

Detailed information on the ebola virus from the World Health Organisation. --> read


Bulletin MADRAC April 2014

Malaysian Adverse Drug Reactions Newsletter. --> read


A Tribute to those lost on MH17

We mourn and pray for you, All God's Blessings and Love. --> more


Paying the doctor directly is better for all concerned

The fundamental problem in health care delivery today is a highly dysfunctional payment system that leads to higher costs, lesser quality and reduced satisfaction. It also means less time between doctor and patient with the loss of “relationship medicine.” --> more


Evaluating Drug Prices, Availability, Affordability, and Price
Components: Implications for Access to Drugs in Malaysia

Malaysia's stable health care system is facing challenges with increasing medicine costs. To investigate these issues a survey was carried out to evaluate medicine prices, availability, affordability, and the structure of price components. --> more


GST – The Potential Effects On Healthcare In Malaysia

On the 25th of October 2013, Malaysian Finance Minister ( who is also the Prime Minister ) Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Budget 2014 to replace the current sales and services tax, GST will be effective on April, 2015. --> more


Reaksi March 2014: Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA) related to use of
Erythropoietin Stimulating Agents

The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) has assessed the benefit-risk profile of erythropoietin stimulating agents (ESAs) particularly in relation to the adverse event Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA). --> more


Mediation in medical disputes

Adverse events in health care, in contrast to the complications of disease, are not uncommon. Studies from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia reveal that they constitute about 10% of all hospital admissions. There is no national data in Malaysia. --> more


Private Medical Practice in Malaysia - State of Health 2013

Private Medical Practice in Malaysia - State of Health 2013 Speech made at the Perak Medical Practitioners Society's President Installation Dinner on 8th September 2013 at the Impiana Hotel, Ipoh, Perak --> more


NHS should be exempt from EU-US free trade treaty, campaigners say

A petition calling for the NHS to be exempted from an agreement on free trade between the United States and the European Union is to be submitted to Prime Minister David Cameron and England’s health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. --> more


Increased Doctors’ Fees Inevitable

The increase in doctors’ fees is inevitable. Doctors like all other professionals are affected by the increased cost of almost everything from basic items like electricity, water, labour, rental of premises to assessments, quit rents , transport , labour, medical indemnity insurance and clinical supplies. --> more






15-16 Sep 2018
2nd FPMPAM / IPH Annual Convention incorporating 1st FPMPAM Malaysian Healthcare Conference
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15-16 Sep 2018
1st FPMPAM Malaysian Healthcare Conference
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25 Apr 2018
Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Medical Practitioners In Malaysia
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8 Mar 2018
Specialist Medical Practitioners Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policies and Guidelines
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21 Sep 2015
3 Ways to Let Your Doctor Know, You Care
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8 Sep 2015
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20 Aug 2015
5 Things You Did Not Know About Doctors’ Day
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2 April 2015
List of zero-rated drugs under GST
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3 March 2015
Draft Letter for Pengecualian dari pendaftaran GST
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Recent Events

15 April 2018
Medico-Legal Forum on "Medical Manslaughter - Aftershocks from Bawa Garba 2018".
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Date: 25 Nov 2017
Insight Into Clinical Radiology


Date: 8 Oct 2017
Doctors' Day Celebration 2017


Date: 16 & 17 Sep 2017
1st FPMPAM/IPH Annual Scientific Convention
Announcement || Souvenir Programme


Date: 24 - 26 Aug 2017
Kuala Lumpur International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2017


Date: 8 & 9 Sep 2017
Nursing Conference 7.0 / Training Course for Clinic Personnel 9.0
Full details || Report


Date: 21-23 July 2017
10th ASEAN & 7th Perak Health Conference on Primary Health Care


Date: 9 Oct 2016
Doctors' Day 2016
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8 Nov 2015
Resolution In Medico-Legal Disputes
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA)
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10 Oct 2015
Doctors' Day
Venue: Bayview Beach Hotel, Batu Ferringhi, Penang
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30 July 2015
Mediation of Medico-Legal Disputes: Is It A Viable Alternative?
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA)
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10 Oct 2014

Doctor's Day
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8 May 2014
Citizen’s Action in Response to Emergencies (CARE) Interview with RTM
On 8 May, Dr Steven Chow and CARE trainers from our partner St John’s Ambulance, Malaysia (SJAM) presented to RTM on the importance of AEDs for saving lives in the event of a cardiac arrest. Continue >>


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Specialist Medical Practitioners Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policies and Guidelines
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Joint Integrated Healthcare Committee (JIHC) Term Sheet
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Joint Integrated Healthcare Committee (JIHC) Terms of Reference
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National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency
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NPRA: Reporting medicinal problems
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Makluman Kontraindikasi Penggunaan Ubat Yang Mengandungi Codeine Untuk Kanak-Kanak Beumur Bawah 12 Tahun Dan Ibu Yang Menyusu Susulan Risiko Respiratory Depression
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Peringatan: Langkah-Langkah Pengurangan Risiko Bagi Kesan Advers Kulit Tang Serius Susulan Penggunaan Allopurinol
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NDST REport 2011
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Garis Panduan Pemantauan Keselamatan Produk ESAs dan Pelaporan Kesan Advers PRCA
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Report On Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions
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MADRAC KE 146 - Traditional Medicine found Adulterated
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BPFK website: Cancellation of Registered Traditional Products / Notified Cosmetics
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Pharmacy Services Division: List of Adulterated Products
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Pharmacy Services Division: Press Releases
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